Monday, January 18, 2010


Little late with this, we just chilled through Christmas, both Jimmy and I had a bunch of time off and we were having fun. We've got some exciting stuff going on with Zach that has kept me off the computer as well. He was "discovered" by a producer/manager after a one day recording studio session I arranged for him as a Christmas gift. The owner of the studio sent some of his cover songs out to a couple of folks because he thought Zach was really good and Viola, the next day we go a call to come to Nashville and meet with them. This was about a month ago, we are set to go back in a couple of weeks and look at a contract. Very verve wracking and exciting at the same time. We have been really busy putting together a more professional demo, arranging musicians to play with him and finding original songs. I have even written several for him. CRAZY HUH? We'll see what happens, say a prayer for us. It feels like everything is coming together as if it were meant to be...... here are some pics from Christmas.

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