Monday, April 20, 2009

Girl in white hat....

ABOO in my hat and loving on her GUGU! Sweet girl.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter was nothing short of amazing, look at my beautiful could I ask for more?

Fun life....

Beautiful isn't she? How did we get so lucky? We have been having lot's of fun lately. As you can see she had a Sponge Bob party, we had a great time with lot's of friends and family, presents and a special cake made by my sister Susan. She made Aubrey her own little Bob cake to destroy. But in the usual fashion she was pretty demure and did not tear into it. She had fun playing with all her cousins and friends. Today is Easter Sunday, so I'll have more pictures to add later. I am getting behind on updating. I could not resist doctoring some of my favorite photos up and putting them on here, I think she is just beautiful, she has the most beautiful skin and her charcoal eyes are just scrumptious.

Aubrey is talking up a storm, using lots of two and three word phrases and being very expressive with language. She is still a very loving child, she is very happy in our little family, and we could not be happier that God has blessed our home with this beautiful child.
On Easter Sunday we are very grateful for our blessings!