Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shower and other stuff....

I FINALLY had a shower for the baby girl I have always wanted!! Yeah me! It was lots of fun and I had so many friends and family members from near and far show up. It was very special. I got lot's of the things I registered for and still have lots of shopping to do on my own. I will post some pictures later today when I have time to download them from my camera.

No new news on the baby yet exept that in a week or so one of my online friends who is adopting from the same province in going to pick up her little girl and I am hoping she might take some pics of our Little Aubrey Sophia Mei (final version of the name I think). So I am excited about that. Still no news on our LOA (letter of acceptance) but this is not out of the norm so nothing to worry about. Still looks like it may be end of Sept to First couple of weeks in Oct. for travelling.

On a personal note please think of me and if you are a praying person, I could use a few. I have been having some pretty bad anxiety and insomnia. I don't really know what is causing it. I thought I was handling everything ok but I guess it has just caught up with me. I am working on about 4 days without a lot of sleep. So I am getting kind of loopy and quite frustrated:) But on the other hand trying to count my blessings. Headed for a massage today.