Monday, February 23, 2009

Amazing Aubrey

We have been home with Aubrey for 3 months and my how she has blossomed. In one word she is amazing. She is learning so fast, her vocabulary is exploding. She is quite the little chatter box. Aubrey is very independant and is a bundle of energy. She is a good girl, everyone is always commenting about how good she is everywhere we go. She lights up a room with her personality, she has a great sense of humor and everyone sees it. She says "hi and bye" to everyone we meet in town and blows kisses.
She fits into our quirky funny family like she was always meant to be ours. The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed.
To anyone out there who is is a word for you: I must have heard every single adoption cliche there is and I quess at some level I believed them, but it was hard, very hard. "Well worth the wait" was something I must've heard a million times. I knew it would be worth it no matter what she was like, but the waiting was painful, it almost drove me over the edge emotionally. Well actually it did drive me over the edge for a while. But I couldn't have imagined a better fit, or a happier ending. Aubrey is truly amazing. All the years of waiting for a daughter are now a blur and a distant memory. I love my daughter. Is she perfect, no.....she cries sometimes, she gets whiney, she can be stubborn. But she is ours. I have given life to a child and have given a life to a child and it feels the same. Zach was such a wonderful baby, perfect....well I thought so, but he cried, got whiney and was stubborn sometimes and still he was my son through and through. I feel very blessed to have my two children. They came to me in very different ways at very different times in my life, but oh the joy they bring me. So now it is my turn to say that she was "well worth the wait"!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lovely new pics of Aubrey from yesterday, we had a pretty day. I have the flu, please pray she doesn't get it:)!!
We are doing great, she is so smart and loving. She usually does not cooperate for pictures, you have to be really quick. I thought this outfit was so cute on her and her hair is growing thank goodness. I feel very plessed to be this little girls Mama!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Funny Girl!

Yes those are my (colorful) panties around Aubrey's neck, they are clean of course:) She was "helping" Mama with laundry! And that is her gu gu's (big brother Zach's) house shoe. She loves to wear big people's shoes which can be quite treacherous for her considering she normally falls every few steps already, it was her first time sporting Mama's panties as a necklace though. Just thought it was cute......glad they weren't my thongs since that is mostly what I wear (yeah right:))!!