Saturday, March 21, 2009

4 months and a birthday!

Yesterday was Miss Aubreys 2nd birthday and our 4 month anniversary home. I feel we have come a long way with her, we are a family. She is doing so well, had a check up with the Dr. on Thursday and she says Aubrey is developmentally on target. Her language skills are blossoming more each day. She amazes me with the love she has to give and her fun personality. She is a happy little girl. Everyone always comments on how well behaved she is, my Mom even said she is the most enjoyable child she has ever babysat for, which is saying a lot! Anyway we are all doing well and are planning a birthday party for Sunday. I wanted to mark her birthday and our four months at home day with a special post and some pictures. These are of a recent hike we took and a little fun she had with some spaghetti. I will post party pics later:)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I can put on my own shoes!

Ok so they are on the wrong feet? Who cares, I still look cute! Things are going good. I have had a really busy couple of weeks with work and am expecting March to be very busy also. I have a lot of travel coming up. My mom has been watching Aubrey for me, thank God for her. I hate to stress her too much so I am going to have to devise a plan for my sister and my cousin to help out. I hate leaving her so much. she misses me and when I get home she is clingy :( poor baby. Part of me wishes I could stay home, but it is not financially possible. I am very lucky to have a flexible schedule most of the time, so I'm counting my blessings. Speaking of blessings, I ran across a guy tonight that talked to me very openly about his faith, he said that he felt that adoption was high in God's favor. It was nice to hear.