Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun on the Hiwassee River

We've been spending as much time as we can on our pontoon boat, boating season is short so you gotta get out there while you can. As you can see Aubrey loves it, she loves to swim and dance to the music we have playing on the boat. I was just looking back at pictures from China it is hard to believe we are approaching 8 months with our special little girl. What a ride! You know my mind is just starting to clear.... for months I have been on autopilot. Having a little one again is a lot of work, I guess conceptually I knew it would be but refused to acknowledge it. We have a good routine going which is key. I could not ask for a better child I have said this so many times but Aubrey is super flexible, she just goes with the flow most of the time. She is loving and smart and has such a good sense of humor, she keeps us laughing and smiling. She is such a blessing. Since our last post we have had fathers day, and the 4th of July. We took Jimmy out to eat for fathers day, it was a special day with our kids. For the 4th we had a big party at our house. Jimmy worked had for two weeks to finish out deck, we added a huge addition to it and got a hot tub which we are enjoying very much. Summer has been fun so far! More fun to come before school starts again. I'm Cool.
Loving Daddy....

Aubrey loves her gu gu!

I love this wind blown look!

Zach Aubrey and Trey.

Aubrey and Mommy!

Driving the boat.

Are these guys good looking or what?

Swimming with Daddy.