Thursday, December 3, 2009

Itty Bitty Pretty One

Young love, Zach and Kaylie:) Pretty girl.

My girl is so beautiful, I marvel at her sometimes when I look into her deep dark eyes and and envy her thick shiny black hair and year round tan:) I hope she can grow up with self confidence and pride for her Asian decent. We talk openly with her about her heritage already at this young age, I don't ever want her to feel surprised by it. As her language skills grow, we are trying to talk more about China. Sometimes I'll say Chinese phrases to her and gauge her reaction you can tell even with my terrible pronunciation of Mandarin that she recognizes it, she will repeat me when I call her Zheng Shuang. Maybe it's time for some Mandarin Lessons, I have a CD ROM my Mom bought us.... anyway just rambling. Gonna add some pics we took this past weekend. Has a nice vacation for a whole week and now I am home with strep. On a side note Zach has an appointment to record a demo with a friend of mine that has a studio this Sunday, I am so excited for him, i hope he is not too nervous to perform well. He usually does pretty good, where did that kid get all his charisma hmmmm:)??

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